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My wife and I hadn't seen too much of her in the past four years except for holidays and a few weeks out of her summer breaks.It was a lazy Saturday and I saw her relaxing in a lounge chair with a lemonade on our patio and figured I'd join her.Although, and I've been called slow to pick up signals, I think she'd purposely do things to get me to notice her in a sexual way (her mother had to practically jump on me when we first started dating because I didn't feel like she liked me enough to make a move).Kaley would do little things whenever Sara (my wife) was gone like wearing skimpier clothes, bending over in front of me, a little more and lengthened physical contact than usual.She developed later than most of the girls her age, so I think that was a little tough on her, but she managed.Compared to all her friends now though, she is the number one stunner, although I may be a little biased.She had on some short light blue jogging shorts and a navy blue sports bra (I think she had just got back from a run) and as usual she looked beautiful in it.The bra flattened out her full B breasts and the tightness of it accentuated her nipples.

"Hey sweetheart," I said as I came out on the patio, "just taking it easy today?

She felt like an ugly duckling during her maturing years, all gangly and awkward.

She was my special little girl though, so she was still just as cute as ever to me then too.

She smiled at me, took another sip from her glass and said, "Why don't you try mixing in a little color? I had used to be tanned when I was younger, but now I didn't get outside enough to keep it up.

"Well, I might as well try to get some color while I'm out here," as I pulled off my shirt, "You have to let me know when I start turning into a lobster though." I was in good shape for being 46, running most every day and getting a decent lift in every now and then, Sara always liked how I looked and that was what mattered the most.

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